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Tinwe: Wookieepedian of the Month of May

After years of flying under the radar with her quiet edits and improvements to the site, Tinwe, a self-described WikiGnome, has been thrust into the spotlight and voted May’s Wookieepedian of the Month by a grateful community. Wookieepedia NewsNet recently chased her down and shoved a list of questions into her face.

NewsNet: First off, a big congratulations on being voted May’s Wookieepedian of the Month. How does it feel to have your work recognized by the community?

Tinwe: Fantastic, thank you! A dream come true, really—one that I thought I’d never quite achieve. I’m specialized in “housekeeping” after all—fixing links, categorizing images, sourcing articles and so forth—and given the number of great contributors who put an insane amount of time to writing top-notch articles and just being generally awesome, my achievements seemed pretty lame by comparison. I guess my recent outburst of activity with Comprehensive and Good articles together with my history of steady contributing is what earned me the honor of being the WOTM, so persistence does pay off.:) I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted for me, especially considering that I’ve been somewhat under the radar lately.

NewsNet: What interests you the most about editing Wookieepedia?

Tinwe: I like making things run smoother, hence all the janitoring mentioned above. Most people probably find that kind of stuff a little boring, but I actually like it—I guess it satisfies some slightly obsessive-compulsive part of my nature.😄 More recently I’ve also taken up writing and reviewing Comprehensive articles, since, to quote my user page, “writing CAs is a good way for me to satisfy my perfectionist tendencies without suffering a nervous breakdown, since all my more ambitious article projects tend to get out of hand.”

The mysterious (and Irish?) O’cerry

NewsNet: You’ve written a few Good and Comprehensive articles, including the bizarre-looking O’cerry. Is status article writing something of which you’d like to do more?

Tinwe: Certainly, and I have literally dozens of half-finished article drafts lying on my hard drive that may or may not become CAs and GAs sometime in the unforeseeable future… I guess my two main problems in actually finishing the articles are perfectionism and short attention span—while I wish to make the articles as complete as possible before nominating them, I also tend to find too many new interesting subjects for future articles before I get to finish the ones I’ve already started. There’s also the question of having the time to write the stuff, which I sadly don’t have as much as I’d like. But you haven’t seen the last of my status articles yet, that much I can promise!

NewsNet: Would you say that an O’cerry can best be described as a combination of a mulberry bush and a leprechaun?

Tinwe: That, or a cross between a leprechaun and a tribble… Yes, I’m something of a Star Trek fan as well.😉

NewsNet: Why do you think a Rodian would want to give someone a flower?

Peace and love, from your Rodian brothers

Tinwe: Maybe—if said Rodian is a pacifist—for the same reason an Ewok would to a Stormtrooper? (Those of you who haven’t read the great Star Wars Tales comic Apocalypse Endor, the Stormies interpreted an Ewok putting a flower in a blaster barrel as an attempt to “block their weapons.” I know, jokes are never that funny when you have to explain them. :P)

NewsNet: You’re a member of the noted Finnish cabal on Wookieepedia. How soon can we expect a hostile takeover?

Tinwe: Wouldn’t you all like to know? *evil cackle*

NewsNet: Do you remember when and how you first became a Star Wars fan?

Tinwe: I saw the original films (well, there weren’t any other films back then :P) on TV in the mid-90s, and I was instantly fascinated by the whole universe. There were a few dry years before The Phantom Menace came out in 1999, but since then there has never been a doubt in my mind that in another life I would have been a Jedi Knight.

NewsNet: What are some of your favorite works of the Expanded Universe? Books, comics, video games… ?

Tinwe: I used to be quite the novel junkie back in the days of the New Jedi Order, but my enthusiasm has curbed somewhat since then—I mostly keep up with novel canon by reading Wookieepedia. Traitor is probably my favorite out of the series, or out of any SW novels for that matter. These days I enjoy reference books the most, a side effect of tinkering with the Wook for sure! I’m particularly looking forward to the release of The Essential Reader’s Companion, since it will make a good reference for the exact dates of the novels. (Nerdy, I know. XD) I also like many of the comics, both past and present—the Star Wars Tales mentioned earlier being some of my absolute faves.

NewsNet: Who are some of your favorite characters?

Tinwe: Out of the movie characters, the choice is easy: Princess Leia! I suppose that doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s ever been on my user page… I could probably ramble on endlessly about EU characters I have a soft spot for, but here are a few in no particular order: Tahiri Veila, Jagged Fel, Vima Sunrider, Tahl, Bail Organa… Oh, and I better throw in Vergere and Saba Sebatyne as well, so no one gets to claim I’m a speciesist; I do enjoy non-orthodox views of the Force and wacky Barabel humor!

NewsNet: Forgetting the EU for a moment: Which SW film is best?

Nothin’ but spunk

Tinwe: I suppose it’s a tie between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. I like the certain sense of wonder in ANH that never fails to captivate me (not to mention Leia’s spunky attitude ;)), but I think that ESB is a better movie of the two in cinematic terms.

NewsNet: What kind of impact would you like to leave on Wookieepedia?

Tinwe: A good one, I hope!😄 Seriously though, I strive to make Wookieepedia a more comprehensive and reliable, better place with every edit I make, no matter how small. That’s a legacy I’d like to leave behind, though I don’t plan to retire from editing any time soon.:)

NewsNet: Do you have any advice for those who are interested in joining the Wookieepedia community?

Tinwe: When you become a member, or even before you join, take a good look around and spend some time observing the way things are done on Wookieepedia. See what you’re signing up for! Some people have been complaining about all the rules we have, but they help keep our quality high—and a high-quality encyclopedia is what we all want, right? Don’t be afraid to participate. Politeness will get you a long way. And remember to have fun too!

A million thank yous to Tinwe for being coerced into willingly answering our questions, and another big congratulations on her achievement! To everyone reading this: Be sure to nominate someone or cast your vote for an existing nominee in this month’s race for Wookieepedian of the Month!

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